Brenda Flannery is a landscape oil painter based in Geesala, Co Mayo and graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from GMIT in 2015. The work is inspired by the surrounding landscape of the Atlantic coastline. 

Capturing the magical, fleeting essence of light and atmosphere is at the core of her work. Its elusive quality has the ability to transform a setting as it bounces and reflects off the surrounding surfaces. Some images are still, quiet, and serene while others portray movement and energy. 

The paintings are built up in layers to create a richness and depth of colour and experience and to encapsulate the feelings and sensations encountered in the landscape through light, texture, and spaciousness in the paintings. Transient moments are captured so that we can contemplate their beauty and intensity a little longer before the temporality of the setting subsides and disappears to time.