Laura Wade is an Irish artist originally from Cork and now living in North Mayo. Laura works primarily in the medium of ink and brush on paper while often utilising other image making ways such as collage, photography and mixed media.  

She studied Fine Art at the Galway Mayo Centre for Creative Arts + Media. In 2014 she graduated with a first class honours and an academic achievement award. After graduating she received the Cork Printmakers emerging artist 12 month bursary. 

Laura's work has a level of sophistication that suggestively plays with the viewer.  She is able to suggest a mighty scale in her paintings yet physically draw the viewer in for close examination of the immediate and sensitive micro perforated details.  The beautiful hand made papers on which she works have been cajoled into exploiting the inks, spreading and separating the pigments into etherial, luminescent and subtly coloured skies and foregrounds.  This exploration of surface material is brilliantly achieved giving so much life and depth to the finished pieces.  Her scenes are observations of nature shielding us, tempting us onwards, dominating us, welcoming us.