Belmullet  Round 3d Map By Outcrop

Belmullet Round 3d Map By Outcrop

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Product Description:

3d Lasercut Handcrafted Wooden Map

The design of the map begins with real life survey data using Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to access all the latest and highest quality data, together with information of the area, including marine charts, topographic maps, bathymetric survey data and even satellite imagery. 

The information is collated then the contour layers that will give the best representation of the area and what exactly to include to ensure it's balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Interpreting 1000m depths to be represented in just 8 layers of 3mm of plywood takes time and an eye for detail. 

The making of the maps begins using a high precision lasers.  Every layer is cut and every detail engraved using a beam of light just 0.1mm wide. Once the precision cutting is complete the craftsmanship comes into play. Every piece of wood is then sanded by hand, ensuring the best finish.   Each piece is stained by hand using a signature teal stain to ensure the right shade and depth of colour.  Once the stain has dried, the pieces are then glued, clamped and assempled together,  Some of the designs are like an intricate jigsaw puzzle and use of a tweezers is required.

The finished piece is then boxed and ready to go.

These handcrafted 3d handcrafted maps are truly something to be admired and treasured.

Size of map:

8.5" (22cm) in diameter.  It comes ready to hang or aternatively can sit on laser cut stand provided.