The Native Collection FOX by Caulfield Country Boards

The Native Collection FOX by Caulfield Country Boards


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The Fox (An Sionnach).

The Native Collection is tableware that has been lovingly hand-manufactured using home-grown, hardwood flaming beech. In folklore worldwide the fox is considered to be sly, clever and cunning. It is associated with adaptability and was thought to be a shape-shifter, assimilating into its environment even when the environment is changing rapidly. As a result it is the most widely distributed carnivore in the world and has readily adapted to urban habitats.

There are many Irish myths associated with the fox, but this is one of our favourites: It is thought to be unlucky to meet a woman with red hair or a fox when setting out in the morning, especially if you are a fisherman. Fishermen, be warned!

Every FOX board has a unique rectangular shape and grain pattern with natural bark intact.

Dimensions: approx. 34 (l) x 26 (w) x 2 (h) cm

Presentation: This item comes in an eco friendly, recyclable gift box.